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Our Working Time: ( GMT 0:00-15:00 ) From Monday to Saturday. Agents will be trained in one or two of the new support methods, in addition to voice support. Validation rules verify that the data a user enters in a record meets the standards specify before the user can save the record. Perform data cleaning D. Enable ideas for contact center agents and have them submit FAQ articles at the time a case is Agents can use telephony on a wide range of browsers and operating systems while only developing once. answer choices Territory Management and Teams The Support Manager at Universal Containers wants to improve visibility to cases across the organization and has decided that Product Managers should be more involved in the case management process. problems account for less than 5% of the calls. B. Time-based Workflow Rules Average Handle Time 3.Support Reps' Send Email options Enable templates for written responses. What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Verify that users have access to the Chat public group. Sjekk om kirurgen din er kvalifisert. 4.A Workflow Rule to add the Case Team. Set up Email-to-Case to efficiently resolve customer issues. Run and view Salesforce reports. C. Number of articles associated to cases. B. Java Language Specific Toolkit 2.Case Feeds will no longer be hidden on standard Page Layouts. Which measure can satisfy this requirement? B. Du kommer til nske forst alt som er involvert i kosmetisk kirurgi som kostnader, risiko, og hvordan du skal forberede deg p den faktiske operasjonen. B. Chatter Questions can a Consultant migrate the file attachments? 4.Auto-responses Rules and Profiles Migrate a test deployment to a staging environment for a smoother real-life experience. Branded site B. Verify that users are assigned the Chat user profile. Allow agents to create Knowledge articles when closing a case. Multiple Monitors Components C. Public Knowledge, Which two areas can an Administrator make Open CTI features available to users when building a C. Redirect users from the company site to social media forums about the products. B. A. Cloud Kicks (CK) is a global company with multiple product lines. Universal Containers (UC) wants to automate the process of case creation. B. Cloud Kicks (CK) provides customized support based on product line and plans to expand from voice-only support Support agents are certified on one or more specific product lines. What is the recommended solution to meet the requirements? Support Managers are noticing How D. Assign users a profile with access to the service console app, B. C. Web to Case D. On Demand Email to Case, Universal Container wants to measure the efficient of its Contact Center. D. Configure Service Contracts. UC has created permission sets granting access to object and fields in one of its sandboxes. FALSE In which two locations can the System Administrator implement customer-facing email templates with respect to Cases? Indicates a clickable URL hyperlink Use a workflow rule with an action a queue when specific case criteria are selected by an agent working the case. Universal Containers wants to implement a customer service community. Create case teams to help groups of people work together to solve cases. What is the recommended method to ensure upselling only occurs when customers are likely to be receptive to the offer? A link and auto-response rules can't submit cases to support. C. Each article must be associated to an article type Returns a link that returns a post with the same reference, How is the hash mark (e.g., #salesforce) used in chatter? WebUniversal Containers created a new custom object to track Inventory items. This will involve servicing several thousand new customers. D. Set up a sharing set to grant access based on the site member's contact record. What should the Consultant recommend implementing in the Lightning Service Console? Universal Containers wants to allow potential customers to submit Cases for technical inquiries. the billing system. 4.Configure the Case Auto-Response Rules. Partner portal En kosmetisk kirurg vil at du skal ha din ideelle vekt for f en vellykket prosedyre. Use the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and choose 'include files'. Service Console applications. B. Which two solutions should a Consultant recommend to correct this problem? Choose 2 A. D. Time to Answer, A. Standard email to case Create a report using the Case Lifecycle report type. Which two actions will Universal Containers be able to perform during this window? B. B. Email to Case 2.The Support Representative uses the Send Email Action on the Case Feed. Customize the My Teams Calls this week standard report. B. A Twitter Macro B. How should the consultant recommend the report be created? B. What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Assign a global team of experienced agents and leaders to create a common design template and report structure. Which reporting solution should the Consultant recommend? B. Assign users a permission with access to the service console app A Service Representative transfers a Live Agent Chat to another Representative. B. A. Assignment rules automate support processes. C. Post report information on Chatter. Update the case assignment rule to add the community member to the predefined case team. Average Number of days to close cases Returns a link that returns a post with the same reference E. Number of sales queues, B. However, customers that have been upsold new products are two times more likely to remain a customer. A. Milestones Which feature should a consultant recommend? Tips For Hvis Du Planlegger F Kosmetisk Kirurgi, Enkle Tips For De Som Tenker P Kosmetisk Kirurgi. A. Web-to-Case Number of Closed cases on first call B. C. Supervisors to investigate those cases The product manager would like to be notified whenever a customer reports a new defect. Recently, Universal Containers has implemented a Customer However, the call center management thinks that agents are not contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should. 3.The System Administrator enables Case Comment Notification to Contacts. A. Have agents manually create Users when Community access is requested by Customers. C. Install CTI adapter using open CTI Number of outbound calls per day Create a report using the Case Historical Trending report type. What solution should a consultant recommend? C. Import payment data into Salesforce and add to the contact page layout related list A. Configure Macros To continue. D. Recommend opening the case list view in a separate browser tab and use the window alongside C. On the footer of the Lightning Console For vre en god kandidat for denne typen prosedyrer, br du vre nr optimal kroppsvekt. A. Which two features requires Service Cloud? Each group's manager would like a report on their agents" daily call volume, including related case and contact information. WebUniversal Containers is implementing a CTI solution for its inbound service and support contact center. D. Better reporting, Which of the following measures customer portal adoption/effectiveness among CUSTOMERS C. Create a report using the Case snapshot report type Universal Containers is migrating from Classic Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge using the Lightning Streamline the agent interface. Grant Authors access to the FaQ record type, What are three best practices that should be used when deploying Salesforce functionality to production? Which three metrics should the contact center manager analyze? Universal Containers email policy requires that all email traffic remain within its firewall. Which implementation should the consultant recommend? A knowledge management system The Support Manager wants to measure first-call resolution by call center location, agent, and calendar month. A System Administrator enables Case Feed Actions and Feed Items in Support Settings. 1.Territory Management and Teams Which reporting solution should be recommended? The company wants an easy way for users to find relevant articles based on their location and product. (Choose 2), Universal containers has implemented salesforce knowledge and the service manager wants to, UC has a telemarketing contact center with agents who cold-call prospects and follow-up on prospects that have been routed to them. Du br vurdere flgende nr du vurderer en mageplastikk. Get the latest business Det er viktig underske alle aspekter av kosmetisk kirurgi fr du planlegger en prosedyre for forbedre helsen din eller forbedre utseendet ditt. D. Create an auto-response rule to send the article to the customer. They want customers to know this number as soon as possible. D. Implement Salesforce Knowledge on a portal, B. Universal Containers has Technical Support and general Customer Service teams that use unique The company needs to ensure that agents can contribute to the knowledge base to promote adoption. How can a consultant automate the use of suggested articles to accomplish this goal? B. How should a consultant deploy this permission set to prod? Which solution will meet these requirements? Du trenger ikke svare p andre, men du vil fle deg tryggere p din beslutning. After researching the data, the Salesforce Administrator has identified hundreds D. Percent of cases closed on first contact, B. type.SupportMngers have confirmed that articles of type FAQ exist in production. Number of leads created Both Service Reps can chat with the customer, The chat transcripts and case are transferred, The Customer doesn't know they were transferred, Universal Containers' support management team has noticed an increase in wait times over the last several months when customers call in for support. What key metrics can be expected to improve following the CTI implementation? WebUniversal Containers runs a support operation with multiple call centers. C. Customer Community A mobile workforce can be dispatched to support customers. Choose 3 A. Assign teams in each major contact center to design a solution unique to its needs and have an analyst build a combined report. A. This is negatively impacting customer satisfaction. Choose 2 answers. Kostnadene er ofte drastisk lavere. Article Record Types must be created before the import. Developers can embed API calls and processes on web pages to automate call handling processes. Which solution will meet these requirements? A. Optimize queries to reduce the scope of Cases included with each search. WebUniversal Containers runs a support operation with multiple call centers. A consultant has been hired to integrate a client's phone system with the Salesforce Service Console. productivity choose 2 A Service Rep transfers a Live Agent Chat to another Rep. B. Force.com migration tool, Force.com IDE, and change sets 2.Define the Default Case Owner in Support Settings. A. vite om prosedyren, risiko, fordeler og kostnader er viktig, og denne artikkelen kan hjelpe deg med sprsmlene dine. 4.The System Administrator configures the Case Auto-Response Rules. In which order should the data be migrated? FALSE sjekke kirurgen n kan spare deg for mye sorg senere. Contact Center management must be notified whenever an Open Case has not been touched for 24 Requirements gathering sessions have resulted in a large set of required An enterprise resource planning system unique and have additional stages and fields that need to be captured. Universal Containers uses an Auto-numbering system to uniquely identify each support request. In addition, the company needs to report on the metric listed below. 2.Create a Workflow Rule Email Alert on Case Comments. The Chat Transcript and Case are transferred. UC has requested frequently project Choose 2 answers Data Normalization A. with the case view # of articles per agent A. 1.Self-service Portal 3.Implement a Lightning Partner Community with Knowledge The Service Manager at Universal Containers wants to improve the adoption of public Knowledge Articles and has decided to review published articles that have NOT been updated in the last 90 days, B. B. A. B. In which situation is the Case Contact notified when a support representative adds a new case comment? Auto-response rules let you automatically send email responses to lead or case submissions based on the record attributes. 3.Enable Case Comment Notification to Contacts. Universal containers is implementing salesforce knowledge and immediately wants to begin building a repository of frequently asked questions(FAQ) encountered by contact center agents. WebUniversal Containers wants to notify Support Managers when a new case has been untouched for more than two business days. 2.Adding a link to a specified routing address for Email-to-Case Grant Authors access to the FAQ article type. D. Make knowledge base articles and community answers accessible on its website. A. D. Data mapping, Universal Containers plans to migrate data into SFDC from a legacy system. Create Knowledge Articles and publish internally and publicly. Which feature should a consultant recommend implementing to meet this requirement? A. Create a report using the Case Lifecycle report type E. Number of new customers added, B. A Service Manager has just configured Chat at a company site. Which two of the following should an administrator configure? Recommend that the VP of Worldwide Support design a global template to provide a clear vision and standardization. What is the recommended method to consistently capture new caller details? C. Offer supports through Facebook and twitter. Create email templates with Knowledge Articles attached. Which two features should a Consultant recommend? Universal Containers wants to notify Support Managers when a new case has been untouched for more than two business days. Select yourself as the user to notify, and from Notification Template, click the lookup icon to add a template to see how this works. C. Visual Workflow, data loader, and Force.com IDE C. Case closure rules on the original case. A. 1.A Default Case Team on each User's record Assets underske sykehuset der operasjonen skal utfres er et utmerket trinn i beslutningsprosessen. Question 2 D. Number of cases escalated, A Global company requires public documents to be translated into multiple languages. 2.Auto-response Rules B. Universal Containers wants to notify Support Managers when a new case has been untouched for more than two business days. C. The specific quick action must be added to the case Feed. Cloud Kicks has millions of customers. What should be used for migration functionality? D. Cost per call 3.A Case Assignment Rule to associate the Case Team A. Upload the files as Documents, then relate them to the migrated Articles. Agents can use telephony on a wide range of browsers and operating systems while only developing once. why do pallbearers leave their gloves on the casket,

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