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Oh Well. Magic Circle? Lots of events were cancelled including the Escapees Boomerang. Reservations may be required to secure a spot during the peak two months (January and February). It's on UDisc Pro. We stayed here for a month from early December into early January to be around others for the holidays. Garbage service is provided, and driving to a free dump station and fresh water station is only about 10 minutes away. (Scoped out a couple last trip, plus some other land in southern route (I-8 bypass) Arizona and New Mexico. He continued that negotiations are an important part of game-playing. The sun winks at the RVs boondocked in Quartzsite in the early morning light. Someone might be in a situation where (game) rules apply and there is a magic circle, but they may not even be aware of their existence. Magic Circle. Did I mention my new found appreciation for my need for a lot more Vitamin D?, I guess I now need to do a geolocate on it and figure out just where Im going to be camping, While the video wanders a lot before you get much information, I note in passing that there were flags from Texas, a Blue Lives Matter flag, a Gadsden Flag and more. It offers a way for people to get back to the basics of life. When I turned to leave he said, I dont mean to be smart or anything, but I hope to see more of ya!. Morning came, we woke up. Thats just a fact. Once you are parked and all set up, youll have to pack up and drive to the only dump station provided for all four of the LTVAs. It worked fairly well. OK, my first time in CA we were surprised by Labor Day and couldnt get a hotel so we bought a tent and some gear and camped at Lake Cachuma near Santa Inez. Highway . Check out their website for inventory options and contact information by clicking on the logo above. It gets noisy and dusty during the busy part of the season, about mid January through mid February when people descend upon the area for the various shows and attractions in Quartzsite. CLOTHING OPTIONAL?! Dont forget your RV generator and gas cans when you head out into the BLM land. Had a blast! The Magic Circle is a group of mostly retired "snowbirds" who come from across the US and Canada. People looking for a nudist camping experience are not giving you free rein to take photos of them. Quartzsite is a real-life RVers' stomping ground that attracts 2 million visitors each year. For me, and in my experience, its cheaper, and less time consuming to buy my groceries here if all Im needing that day are groceries. Nudist Camping at Quartzsite / Magic Circle Quartzsite RVSeeingYou 2.65K subscribers Subscribe 11K views 1 year ago #quartzsite #rvtravel We finally made it to Arizona where we plan to Nudist. My last formal camping was about 25 years ago. But I could check out some things from maps when getting off the road for a break. Check out this 3.3-mile loop trail near Quartzsite, Arizona. The landscape id beautiful. Alan's RV Travel 146 subscribers Subscribe 2.8K views 1 year ago We left Magnolia Beach and headed to Tucson and Quartzite AZ. What do you think about a winter in Quartzsite? But still good all season. Im only wearin this T shirt cause I got sunburnt the other day.. heat of summer is making you uncomfortable, Potluck dinners, poker tournaments, and ice cream socials. Creation of a state regulator. Join us while we visit this small desert town. In fact, Jesper Juul noted in 2009 that the magic circle is actually the boundary that the game players negotiate. So many people feel like they are constantly putting on a show for others from what we drive, the house we live in, to the clothes we wear. Build a box and raised frame like so many others do. I've heard amounts like three times more in Quartzsite. Or not? So use common sense and leave the cameras at home. So Im thinking that the cot in car with some window blockers would be fine for the rest area stealth camping, then adding a huge tarped out surround in a camp grounds would make for a very nice day or two. So we leaned the seats all the way back, bundled up in the coats, kicked off the shoes, and spread out the space blanket. Safe For Work (mostly) and almost entirely a smiling face talking about the Magic Circle in Quartzsite. Its hard to get away when youre packed into an RV park. Sounds right for a maze made of rocks. Far enough off the road so the dust was not an issue. If you have photos you'd like to share of Magic Circle RV Park, Contact Us. Step-By-Step: How To Effectively Sanitize Your RVs Water System. Still cold nights, but nice days. They really work hard to serve us well. This is a very friendly place that welcomes all. If you tend to feel claustrophobic when other RVers park close to you, the desert may the best option for you. You might even be lucky to catch one of the planned social events. To visit her website,click here. Whole thing ought to be warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat. Take for example a movie theatre; when we enter with our popcorn and soda in hand, we have a good understanding of the rules (be quiet and dont disrupt others) and the magic circle we are entering (superheroes are real for the next hour and a half). Last trip was the first time Id ever been stopped by snow / ice on I-10, so now Ive added an optional Hwy 90 further south through part of Texas. Posted on 29 April 2021 by E.M.Smith I've driven past Quartzite a few dozen times. Adequate solar panels and batteries to cover your needs are a serious investment. (Zimmerman, 2012). I really enjoy it here. During the winter months, over 1 million visitors come to this little town in the Arizona desert to enjoy the mild temperatures and social gatherings that make this one of the premiere winter destinations in the country. Our nightly rate was based on the $40 for 2 week pass we bought twice instead of the whole season pass. What sticks with me is the night as a family in the car using the Emergency Gear to have a reasonably nice night instead of a disaster. I suspect even a full on Class-A would be seen as camping in that POV So the 14 day limit in the non-LTVA areas is still more than I need. I keep hearing (last year and this year) how much cheaper groceries are in Blythe and Parker as compared to Quartzsite. We compared every feature between Instant Pot and Crock-Pot slow cookers, and well help you decide which one should be in your RV kitchen. Magic Circle RV Park Comments & Reviews more. I love the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. John Wright One thing I did was play with a tarp off the side of the Subaru Roof Rack. This is the magic circle boundary trail in the clothing optional section on BLM land. While registering for our stay we asked the host "what can you tell us about Quartzite?" They were very informative, which they also informed us we may be asked to join "The Magic Circle". I have paid more than I love the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. 7 hour drive from Quartzsite. By the time you drive to places like Blythe and Quartzite, youve maybe broke even, or paid MORE in total expense. A short visit LTVA permit is $40 for 14 consecutive days from date of purchase. Quartzsite, Arizona Length: 3.3 mi Est. JANUARY 20th-28th, 2024 700 S. Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85346 9:00am-5:00pm (3pm closing day) We paid $40 for the 2 weeks here. There are 8 faucets, so that line progresses a bit faster. Comes with sewer dump, water and trash dumpsters. So not done again. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Kimberly Paige Holtan and is located at 16521 Pro Circle Unit C, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 3624677. Campendium is an Amazon associate site and earns from qualifying purchases. to step inside a concrete or metaphorical circle where special rules apply. We paid $40 for the 2 weeks here. No joy. There's even a clothing optional area called the Magic Circle located in La Posa South LTVA. This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy. With more than 70 parks, one of California's largest saltwater marshes, and a bucolic nature center, Huntington Beach is not only Surf City USA it's also a nature lover's paradise. But ONLY if I have another reason to go there. Even with all that it was too rough for the spouse. 9 Holes gravel Tees 20' diameter rock taget circles with pins and flags Targets Mixed Use, Other Established 2020 Dogs Allowed Contact Upcoming Events No Upcoming Events! An odd request. Im comfortable, and feel completely safe in this location, only a few blocks from the center of town. This trail is great for camping, hiking, and running, and it's unlikely . This is a great location for some long term boondocking. Or maybe both. "]. I grabbed my camera, jumped in the truck and off I went. I doubt Ill have a chance to do any LTVA duration stuff for years (if ever). Surrounded by Winnebago gin palaces. Why Single Full-Time RVers Need Not Feel Alone. Basically, the BLM does not prohibit nude camping. As we discussed in a previous article, the concept of a Magic Circle in play is. Having fresh water, trash, and a dump station on site makes it easy. So it isnt like its just going to be me and the cot. Great view, all in all nice people, close to quartzsite for groceries, gas, propane, etc. Backroad Hiking & Off-Roading Polly poses at the top of Palm Canyon in KOFA Desert landscapes are often deceiving. Even I-70 once (though I dont remember exactly why ;-) and I-20 split off of I-10 too. Yes, all are welcome here in the desert around Quartzsite, Arizona. From April 16 - Sept. 14, $15 per vehicle for overnight use with a 14-day stay limit enforced. I mentioned it to an RVer camped near me on the BLM camping area. Biggest times for Quartzsite. Coordinating with friends that were arriving and setting up a great camp to reconnect while having dump and water stations nearby. Highway 95 Quartzsite, AZ 85346 Magic Circle Campground Loop Easy 3.4 (5) Quartzsite, Arizona Photos (4) Directions Print/PDF map Length 0.8 miElevation gain 19 ftRoute type Loop Get to know this 0.8-mile loop trail near Quartzsite, Arizona. But it is a great way to connect with nature on a deeper level. Im actually comfortable in it. We stayed back near the "magic circle" which is a clothing optional area that many seem "scared and fascinated" by so there are many open spots just outside of that area with great views. Found, and reserved a room somewhere in Oregon. From the purported largest RV gathering in the world to a man known as the naked bookseller, here is the real-life story of Quartzsite. Avoid it at all cost. Magic Circle RV Park Campground (Arizona) 700 North Virginia Avenue Willcox, Arizona 85643-1033 Lat / Long: 32.264247, -109.847269 Make a Reservation Campsite Types RV Trailer Magic Circle RV Park Photos No photos yet. There was BLM everywhere! About 200 miles out we start looking for a hotel. So, lather on the sunscreen before you head outside for the day. To your right (west) is the entrance to the Tyson Wash LTVA . This lightly trafficked trail is mostly all flat with a few easy dips through the washes. BUT if you don't like loose aggressive dogs, excessive barking and "land mines" to step in don't go there. $180 for 7 months, with water, sewer dump and trash. Most of the roads are in great shape, however once you get out to the edges you may find washes that aren't big-rig friendly. And the stores here have a good selection, good quality items including fresh foods. Maybe work in a few day or two stops at more formal camping areas (i.e. We reside in self-contained recreational vehicles during the winter months in the Arizona Desert. Absolutely nothing. Theres free BLM land (not LTVA) outside of the LTVA areas. From high desert to mountain lakes to alpine spruce-fir forest, Cibola National Forest has it all 7 States Where You Can Find Epic Springtime Glamping. Heard there might be one in Quartzsite. I do have a sleeping pad ( self inflating inch or so of foam inside a nylon like sleeve) that will go on top of the cot, and then the bag. This has been my second winter at La Posa South, but not my last. But what if we are a group of students working on a project together? Here Are Some Tips, If You Love RVing, You Need to Stay Informed. If heat is a problem, the tarp over the camper will absorb heat and dissipate it to the air, keeping the camper roof cooler. Print/PDF map. Are we free to come and go as we please? Oh, and on Yet Another Trip, took a Honda w/ a friend, over I-90 northern route. We. Be the first to add a note for La Posa South LTVA! within 4 hours of me in Quartzsite. And it isnt quite free, you need a roughly $150 pass from the BLM that allows you to camp in the Qsite area for seven months in the LTVA *Long Term Visitor Area). Access to Dump station, water and trash. Mines under 4 ft of snow. aquarius horoscope today, does michigan extradite for child support,

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