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Thank you for this. Id love to meet you one day. Andromedans are a very loving, wise and beautiful star race, and the Andromedan starseeds play an important role on Earth. I am in every way an Andromedan except for the weight part: I am over-weight and not thin. And not like irl itd help me to find out if I am this or not since all I want to know would then be what Id be able to actually do here with or without those titles. Like Reptilians, do they really rule the world and do they know their purposes? I had a 6 1/2 year relationship with my soulmate who I believe was an Andromedian Starseed. Andromedan Starseed Appearance Many believe that starseeds from the constellation known as Andromeda have distinguishable physical features. Because of this, maybe I am tapping in to my spiritual gifts? I have this tremendous care towards earth and humanity and I always feel sad whenever people are oppressed especially by the people in the higher-ups like the Government. And kept implying the physical pain would start soon. The ocean means so much to me. Yes, that would be rare, indeed, but how is it even possible?? Either youre + or -, not both. I was pretty sure I was but after reading Im The degrees of 32, 33, 34, or 35 in Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius, or Virgo are the Starseeds Lyran and Andromedan. My name is George. I am all of this. Now I know. Even the part about putting on weight was true, I have an oval shaped face as well lol and I wear blue quite often. the fact that this describes me exactly.. especially i have a VERY VERY strong connection with the ancients. The starseed traits you wrote here of this alien race fit to a T!!!! I didnt even know what a star seed was an hour ago and I already found myself. My soul essence was etheric in form. Unsolved mysteries was playing on the tv in the living room..stating my sins. Wow Im still not sure if this is me but I connected very deeply with this, I saw some pictures of places that made my heart drop. I can not handle being put in any box. Even in my astral projections I saw beings made of plasma, they were whitish in color and they may have been elderly andromedans giving me a message Im still deciphering to this day. Happy to find another andromedan here . Can you share more info about other starseeds. Ive always been quite the loner however; have put on a smiley face and greeted others to make them feel good. The Human Mother I had an RHNEG blood type never bonded to me as I was told much younger I had tried to kill her coming thru the womb and birth canal. Including our neighbouring galaxy Andromeda. Down to the vaccines blew me away that its all been unfolding!! Turns out I am!! The Andromeda galaxy, known as Messier 31 (M31), is one of the most distant objects in the night sky that is still visible to the naked eye. Just recently found out that I am an Andromedan and everything started to come together. Could that mean I am not a true Andromedan? What are starseed markings? Amazing! Even in my natal chart, my venus and mars are conjunct as part of a 12th house stellium! This is all still fairly new to me and its happening really fast. Hi! Add to cart Category: Starseed Book Therefor I think Im an Andromedan but I dont really know if its true. Wow this article sparked my attention because I been looking for answers my whole life, I felt like I was crazy I always saw things in people nobody else did, I especially felt out of place almost all the time, I was very emotional as a child cried a lot whether happy or angry sad didnt matter and I was wasnt afraid to be emotional, one thing I did to control them was be involved with aquariums I love the oceans lakes rivers and streams I live aquatic life I crave the sounds and the sun off the water I love the smell. #wastaughttodoubtme #2dayIrise. When I was going through a strong awakening, I was asked: even if I am a fully powerful soul and my dreams of telekinesis is true, if everything is my choice, and i have the power to hurt others including reptilians, what will i do? In this article I describe starseed alignments for the Pleiades - scroll down to the bottom of this page to find them! Thank you so much! (Sorry for my english). Just like Pleiadian starseeds, you may be struggling with self-worth issues. You also love dolphins and other ocean animals, as it reminds you of your home world, which is mostly covered in water. They have a lot of respect for planet earth, and they have a lot of anxiety because being human is actually extremely difficult, we are very unlike sentient life forms on other planets. I got online and found this site. I dont, but thats a good idea. I have always been different but never knew why. What many people would consider heroes - but still they don't have much of an ego and just want to be of help. I try to help in it. I know I am an Andromedan. if my eye would have opened but I know it happens in Devine timing i use to pray all my life to just take me home the pain I feel here overwhelms me that it lowers my vibrations an opens me to dysfunctional because I feel the pain around me I use to feel I didnt deserve better then anyone else. A starseed is a soul who has lived many lifetimes on other planets and star systems before settling here on Earth. But when I identify with EVERY bullet point, including just accessing the Akashic records like its no big deal Im pretty sold on Andromeda as my home world. I can relate to all of the starseeds, which makes me think that I might have experienced them all at some point. As a child I always went down to the sea in my hard times to seek comfort. I hate all type of authority. The wisdom that I empart is sometimes very surprising to me as I am sometimes only then realising the wisdom myself, as I am imparting it no previous current life experience to draw it from I have strong Claire abilities. Wow, i just had this aha moment to know who i m, and not only indigo. according to the signs that you told, I am 100% Andrommedan starseed. I saw my neurons making connections when I was intensely concentrated and felt the evolution in my cells when I was asking why I was crazy over this one guy. Do you think you are an Andromedan starseed? Ive always known that Im an old soul. They have the ability to access the metaphysical realm of the energy field and calibrate it in order to accentuate a body's ability to heal itself. Ive gone without food to fed others none relation Ive taken care of ppl that wouldnt piss on me if I was on fire . that explained me very well! The night i had my awakening i was terryfied because when i looked in the mirror i saw something else than myself. Found your writing ever compelling and I sure could relate to every bit. Im curious if I am a star seed from Andromeda. Ive known I was an Andromedan starseed for a very long time but whenever I feel discouraged or lost I go back and look at all the signs that I am this eternal spiritual and its just amazing. Huge and intense spiritual awakening lead me here, to finding out who I really am. I just recently had a soul reading telling that Im or should be a andromeda starseed. Andromedan starseeds - Originate from Andromeda Venusian starseeds - Originate from the planet Venus and prove the planet had once supported life Martian starseeds - Originate from mars and similarly prove that the planet once supported life. All that makes sense now. So many other signs tooreading this article turned on a light for me. Hi there! The state hospital after pleading NGRI. But there are also other sacred geometry symbols channeled by people who can connect with the Andromedan energy. May I mention June 6th is the birthday of my 2and cousin who just sent me the star seed quiz. If you want to know if you are a starseed, check out my 50 Starseed Signs post here. I knew he loved the water, was both creative AND analytical, and service centered. I have always felt different and also wanted to be different since I was a young child. Andromedans are an incredibly loving, gentle, and telepathic race originating from the spiral-shaped galaxy of Andromeda, sometimes known as M31. You are not a big fan of the government and how the government is set up. Pretty sweet that I am from there! My mediumship/channeling has been coming through recently and Ive done hypnotherapy sessions where Ive been told and seen past reincarnations multiple times (which has been a very prominent figure in history). So now I am much more confident in a humble way. Yeah such a beautiful comment thread , I recently found out 2020 I am a starseed yet Ive known since a very young age like 3 yrs old I was very very different then others. This has given me the courage to go on and understand I am not crazy. The exact mission varies from starseed to starseed, but usually its some sort of guiding or science mission. I am Andromedan. I had no idea what all that was, but after I read this article, it made more sense. . The reason why you feel drawn to these places is because you might have previous lives in these civilizations. I wasnt sure why I was so different, now I know where I came from! Just like Pleiadian and Sirian starseeds, you are highly creative and always full of ideas. The first step in determining your Starseed markings is to have a copy of your birth chart. Reading the article made me feel that I belong. Lyran starseeds These starseeds have strong Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. due to what is happening in the world .Whilst I have been spiritual my whole life , I have suffered here on Earth enormously and I want to go home. Awesome to meet another Andromedan Starseed! My grandfather told me that I would become what I was meant to be in my my later years. I was shocked by that response because i have been living in pleiadian energy (feminine for me) dominantly until that. I love learning about this stuff. Thank you ???????? Wich makes me feel so relaxed, that I finally belong somewhere. Most of the time, that purpose is to elevate the vibration of this planet out of greed, manipulation, and power plays to a place of universal love, understanding, and abundance for all. Thanks for sharing your story. Sometimes these souls are referred to as 'Mission Realmers' or ' Angelic Starseeds '. I just read a little about you today. Im so happy to hear that the article resonated, fellow Andromedan , omg!! So there are nothing egotistical about you whatsoever. Many Andromedans starseeds are thin and have a hard time putting on weight. Wow Sending you lots of love and blessings . Most relates to me as wel but Im not thin or thick just inbetween both, this is the only thing Im worrying about. Sending you lots of love and blessings . He passed away Dec 18th 2020. You are drawn to acting, writing, and other creative work where you can express yourself freely. Read more about. Also the other things I was taken towards was ancient technology and shown how it works etc. Im learning to protect my energy. However, like with everything in this reality, we can never know for sure, so exercise your own discernment and only take on as truth that which resonates for you as truth. It sounds like youre going through quite an intense awakening, wow! Andromedan starseed T-shirts Love and knowledge is the best weapon against these dark/negative/psycopatic beings. This is amaizing. I am not really understanding. But fundamentals of science is my pleasure. I have always been interested in mysticism and spirituality and alternative healing. Again thank you so much. (meaning generally, of course, because people are infinitely complex. It just fits. After that experience, I was upgraded to andromedan dominant energy. Hello everyone here on earth. About having little ego, I was told this by a Chinese astrologer. Even though, one lady told me I was an Arcturian starseed, but I never strongly connected to that one. For example, if you are a man and are in touch with your emotional side, that is a sign you have a good balance between the energies. You are one of those people who could never live in a land-locked country (unless it was full of lakes). That is me for sure!! Planets at 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 or 29 degrees are an indicator of Pleiadian starseeds. These beings I felt had human like quality but there wasnt a distinct physical attribute . , Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Starseed Guide by Eva Marquez. Well thanks you and hopefully I can read more of your work soon. Or do you have to go to a certain kind? Me and my Andromedan twin flame have had this thought many times, to move into a tiny house free from social media and tech. ,24 yrs later Im figuring out who I am Im still confused but I get download when I go searching . I do believe that I am an Amdromedan star seed that has come here to save the planet from frequencies that initiate sadness and despair. IQ 148. Im pulled to share my life I feel thats the lesson for humans . Spent 25 years in an office but in my career I had a lot of freedom. All the aspects rang true, even the the description of apperance. It is therefore a good habit for Andromedan starseeds to listen to the sounds of nature and dolphins, meditate with ocean sounds and visit the beach and nature to revive your energy. Youre welcome, Libby. You are not the type of person who have a need to manipulate or control people. A place free of labels and judgement. And sometimes I just disconnect from all technology because it gets so impossible to breathe, also always wanted to do a trip around the world. I would love to consider my self as an andromeda starseed. I hate authoritythis IS my pet peeve since childhoodI was branded a black sheep, the family rebel, even anti-social, the latter which is quite unfair IMO. So much of it resonated with me. Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. . Does that mean Im a adromadean? Thank you! So, thank you. But can we be some kind of hybrid? They value freedom and nurture an excellent distaste for manipulation, hence their disdain for imposed routines. Im not tall either, its not necessary . Thanks. This all made so much sense to me. Would love to meet other mission realmers Amo lEgitto, i cristalli , la musica e larte Sto lavorando sulla mia autostima, con meditazione e radicamento, e grazie al tuo articolo so che siamo davvero tanti su Madre Gaia . Hello , thank you for this topic . Follow her on Instagramfor more. The Mirrorsthe glassthe mercurythe shiftingthe materializing . Van life in Europe sounds amazing, every Andromedans dream . And alse years ago when i was back from london to tehran i was in some kind of dream for some minute that i had access to anything ( past , presant , and also future ) when i thought about help humanity by those unlimited knowledge i backed by a loud noise that i could not remember my name for half a hour . Andromedans exceed in many areas, but especially in science and as healers of the body. Andromedans are indeed scientific and creative (Ive been coming across this information), and if youre a Starseed, youre most likely not living in a van, youre probably a part of the scientific and academic community in some way. And ive been visited by the galactic federation of andromedia. TIA. Ive always been curious about why any star race looks the way they do. I am often wanted to live off grid But know that I need to be involved in Life here. The funny thing is, when I was with my husband, I was very depressed for a time because of abuse. Love n light, Magical, thanks for sharing! Starseed Direct TV Digital Tarot Reading Birth Chart Calculator Birth Chart Compatibility Current Moon Phase Current Planetary Placements Play Starseed Word Search Starseed Virtual Puzzle Shop Cart Checkout Home About Avatar 3D Creator Birth Chart Calculator Birth Chart Compatibility Cart Checkout Current Moon Phase Current Planetary Placements My birthchart is in alignment almost perfect and I have since about 12 yrs old craved to understand the religion of this world. This resonated so much within me. I was told I was, but then also was told I was a pleaidian . They are seekers and never comfortable being in one place for too long and often have feelings of being trapped. Have always hated authority, needed freedom. It is amazing how much this resonates for me. My blood type is O+ with rH- blood factor.rare right? Literally Avengers.. But still wish I could find a baby helper through the rest of this process if not for Devine Guidance I would probably still be asleep. Check out my other starseed posts below to find out what resonates the most. I wanted to express my gratitude and blessing to the both of yourselves (twin flames) on your earth plain journey! It all makes sense now . Your article sums me up 100% . Checkout how light codes can be magnifyed though Lighthouses. Iturned my head slightly and I saw very fine wings! Kiakaha, I feel you honeyuhhhhggg. I loved that part. Happy to meet a fellow Swedish Andromedan Thanks for sharing your story. I went through a guided meditation to find out where I was from and two places came to mind Andromeda and a planet starting with aM that for some reason I could not make out the name or hear it right. Please keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list. Thank you so much for sharing this! I know I came for Mother Earth as I care for her deeply . This resonates so unbelievably its nuts. My life changed when I found out I was an Andromedan starseed. Pleiadians also have strong Pisces and 12thhouse placements in their birth chart. Stumbling across this knowledge, I feel that in addition to being Pleiadian, I am also Andromedan, as it holds so much resonance for me. So to live on a planet that is literally ruled and enslaved by Reptilians is very frustrating to Andromedan souls. It is estimated there are roughly 800,000 Andromedans currently living as Starseeds here among us, which is around 0.01% of the population - or 1 in 10,000 people. Ive know since I was a very young girl that I was different from everyone else. Thank you for your information because it has given me the ability to really wake up to my true purpose is! I am interested in what other races I have incarnated as, and will do a Starseed activation soon. Hello fellow Andromedan your explanation rings true. It was as if my ability to see this world was through vibration or energy charge. All the ideas and knowledge and wisdom are in my mind, however I am not even a blip on the worlds radar and do not know how to start towards my purpose of reaching people globally with my light and energy and communication ability. its just funny because you mentioned here about the tattoo. I was shown things from a world perspective and what was to come Just like Lyran starseeds, you HATE authority, and sometimes you just want to break out from the system, and live off-grid. Looking for answers . I always knew I was a starseed but never knew from where. The other one that surprised me was my ability to take a role I didnt know I possessed. Souls from all over the Universe signed up, by incarnating on Earth in a human body to help humanity through this transition. I remembered in a dream that in my privious life i were a famouse general of persian kingdom when cyrus was the king of hakhamaneshian in 2500 years ago . I knew the importance of creating a moment of peace for her to easily let go. I love the comment thread especially and thank YOU SO MUCH for this article. My whole existence I have walked alone abuse mental and physical until 8 months ago. I'm sick of all this evil. I have been viewed as a person who is androgynous. Btw, thank you for the beautiful article. Even as a young child I was interested in space and was having philosophical discussions with friends about the origin of the universe. Andromedan starseeds or humanoids are said to be direct descendants of Lyrans who fled to Andromeda from the Lyra constellation. There are around 800 000 Andromedan starseeds on Earth, making it one of the more rare races. I am going to contact Beti for a session as I feel I need to connect now with my Galactic family. I also felt starseed energy as well. Starseeds have distinctive personality traits. I have felt many times i want to leave but I know I cant commit suicide. Thank you so much, Julia. It is important to not be alarmed by these frequencies that initiate contact with you as they adding love light energies to the planet in order to balance out the frequencies of the planet. When I have completed my purpose I will enjoy life for its beauties and leave for home, for I have no interest living until I die naturally. Mother is sick and purging the negativity. After that experience, from then on, I have a strong balance between masculine and feminine sides. Before my awakening started i felt like i didnt belong here. Soooooo many of us waking up to our truths!!! my name is Hebe, like the Greek Goddess of Youth, and I think that was meant to be my name so one day i would delve into the delights of spirituality. Star Markings - Star Seed Hotline I know things I shouldnt know. After that, i was told i dont have any contracts and i volunteered to help a family break ancestral patterns and my presence here is enough. I dont know if my dream predicted what would happen or if the dream became a guide for me to know the races of starseed espcially the andromedan. Fell in love with snorkelling, being underwater feels like home. This showed me that I wasnt a weak person, but within me I had the ability to help others and be a guide? I had a dream once, many years ago of being on a different planet with different beings, as though I was returning home to them, rather than Earth being my home. My cosmic name is Aydhen (pronounced I-dean). They also have a strong mind-body connection which allows them to heal themselves. Im really grateful to have found this article and appreciate all of you for being here. Many thanks! I thought my dad was the devil. Hello, thank you for the info. Can be remote? I am a mental health advocate and look public speaker. Hello! The reason why Earth life is extra difficult for Andromedan starseeds is because Andromedans are the Reptilians worst enemies. mom died when I was 13. I want to find my family. Ive read of other starseeds and none of them resonated with me until I read your article. The beings that I channel just told me I was adromedan! So excited about this journey! I just want to leave. Someone told me I should be an Andromedan due to all the signs she was seeing in me and hence why I searched for it. I cant compromise, leaving one for another, like freedom for security. They are a bit rebellious and this if often reflected in their style. sarah rose peterson actress age, where did dean martin live, david dukes cause of death,

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